Moral Compass

Our moral compass points in the direction of knowing and glorifying Jesus Christ. Following and being led by the Spirit, we are people of integrity, desiring to serve others sacrificially. Esteeming the church and developing relation-based support, through our projects and partnerships, is only some of the ways we help assist spiritual needs, along with practical applications as well. We firmly believe our arrow navigates in areas of reaching nations through communicating hope and valuing people as they are. 

Furthering God's love isn't just our statement, it's our passion!


Founded in 2002, Rod and Celeste Groomer ignited action to their passion for furthering God's love world wide by establishing a Christian 501(c)3 non-profit organization called, Geobound, supplying humanitarian needs of education, funding, and empowerment in the places where people need it most.

Geo - meaning world; and bound - ready to go.  

Embracing a vision to support and train Christian cross-cultural believers and leaders, Geobound has developed a wide networking of partnerships with local and overseas ministers, churches, and organizations, connecting both sources of support in an effort to bring humanitarian aid to people who are in desperate need. 

Geobound's influence has not only provided buildings and materials for schools, churches, and orphanages in various countries, but has also supplied invaluable teaching materials; funding and equipping missionaries on the field; and designing programs to empower individuals, families, and churches. 

So rise and run with us to answer the cry of this generation and reap a harvest that is ripe. Attempt something so big that unless God intervenes, it's bound to fail - to reach a world, a people, a culture that is not only desiring a relationship with God, but wanting to further it. Join us in making an impact that will last an eternity.  

After all, furthering God's love world wide isn't just our statement, it's our passion!