*Due to the sensitive nature in the Middle East we are unable to DIVULGE the NAMES OF THE ministries that Geobound has relationship with in Israel.

It’s time to stand for truth. For justice. For faith. 

It’s time to stand for making a difference. To stand for a big God. To stand for a little nation. 

Geobound is proud to take a stand in supporting the people and country of Israel, not only for it’s rich heritage in our Christian roots, but for what the future holds for the Jewish people. From helping holocaust survivors to established Messianic congregations, we are partnering with Christian organizations; to witness Jews and Gentiles alike return to their Messiah. 

As Christians, we are instructed to bless Israel, God’s chosen people, in order for God to bless our nation. And God is not done with Israel, so neither are we.  

It’s time to stand for Israel. Will you stand with us?