Rod and Celeste Groomer - USA

There are 566 federally recognized First Nations' tribes in America, along with a shocking estimation of 162 unrecognized tribes. Totaling in an astounding number of 728 tribes living in the back yard of the United States, are a people group yearning for the Gospel.

The Native American Initiative is a Geobound project in partnership with Christ For The Nations Institute, Dallas, TX. The project is orchestrated and directed by Rod and Celeste Groomer to respond to that yearning.


Empowering opportunities through Biblical and academic education of Christ For The Nations satellite schooling; providing scholarships and equipment for training facilities; Geobound is ready to assist in training the next generation of Native Americans. Join the movement and support today.

We are partnering with 1st-Nation Ministries and Love On The Move to Rebuild, Repair, and Restore the spiritual foundations of First Nations People in the United States.