Reinvigorating the Past, Improving the Future

"Attempt something so big that unless God intervenes, it's bound to fail."

With a new season quickly approaching, God has called Rod and Celeste Groomer back to the mission field once again. Back to the faith trust-falls. Back to witnessing the promises of God first-hand. Back to the familiarity of reaching a desperate people in uncertain times.

The Groomers have chosen to go back and fight on the front-lines of a readied Harvest. Except, this time, they're leaving what's comfortable and secure, and embracing something much bigger than themselves. It's time to either respond or ignore this generation's cry.

So with that in mind, The Groomers are determined to not let one soul slip through the cracks.

But how?


Through Geobound.

Formed in 2002, Geobound is a Christian non-profit driven to helping people and furthering God's love worldwide. As practical and spiritual needs arise insurmountably, Geobound manages specific projects to bring awareness, financial support, and education to people yearning for the Gospel.

Serving on a domestic, as well as an international level, Geobound is also proud to join its efforts with partners who believe that God isn't done with His people yet. There is still a fighting chance for this generation to turn back to God.

As opportunities pour in, Rod and Celeste are ready to empower a vision of awakening the spiritual sleeping giant living in our backyards. To commission the next generation of leaders. To engage God's love in all four corners of the earth, no matter the cost.

So the truth of the matter is:

Unless God intervenes, we're bound to fail.

Luckily, He's on our side. And we're pretty intent to love people where their at.

Furthering God's love worldwide isn't just a Geobound statement, it's the Groomer's passion!

Join the Geobound movement.